About Queen Elizabeth National Park


Queen Elizabeth national parks is undoubtedly Uganda’s most famous national park and traveler’s destination. The presence of varied bionetwork to mention the beautiful lakes, extensive savanna,the natural forests and fertile swamps hence making it the best place the big games,  ten primate species  of course including chimps , 600 bird species.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is in southwest Uganda. Leopards roam the Mweya Peninsula, which lies beside Lake Edward. Nearby Lake Katwe is a huge volcanic explosion crater. Boats on the Kazinga Channel float past hippos and Nile crocodiles. Chimpanzees inhabit the Kyambura Gorge. Trails lead to bat caves in the central Maramagambo Forest. The Ishasha area is home to tree-climbing lions and shoebill storks.


Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park

Game Drive Safaris

Game drives at Queen Elizabeth national park are the most memorable ones as it involves a drive at the park in search for several wildlife.

At Queen Elizabeth national park the most notable areas for carrying game drives is Kasenyi, north Kazinga plains and ishasha sector famous for tree climbing lions. During the game drives, travelers are guaranteed to see wild game such as buffaloes, antelopes, warthogs, baboons, elephants for the lions, one has to take a game drive in the early in the morning or at dusk.

Queen Elizabeth national park

Launch Cruise at Kazinga Channel

At Kazinga channel   you find several fascinating creature to mention wildlife and birds, it’s more of an oasis that springs with life and extends it to its inhabitants. Taking a boat cruise is Kazinga channel gives you an opportunity to view the numerous wildlife and bird species at Kazinga channel resting, cooling off and drinking water at the shoreline. The most notable wildlife and bird species you will see include hippos, elephants, buffaloes, water bucks and an average of 60  bird species.
Gorillas, Chimpanzee & Wildlife

Chimpanzee Trekking in Kyambura

Chimpanzee trekking at kyambura gorge .Over time Queen Elizabeth has developed to be a primate trekking area, with the famous spot being at kyambura gorge. The experience at kyambura gorge is beyond just walking and discovering chimps, it a natural ecosystem. It grants traveler ideas of kyambura gorge’s atmospheric environments to mention underground forests, vegetation types, bird discoveries and behavior , monkey and chimpanzee ecology.
Queen Elizabeth national park

Watching The Tree Climbing Lions

In many places around the world, it is really unheard of for lions to climb trees. In fact, only two lion populations throughout the entire universe are known to be those of tree climbing lions who do it as a behavior. Uganda is lucky be one of habitats for these lions; in the Queen Elizabeth National Park’s southern side while the other is in the neighboring Lake Manyara National Park’s southern side in Tanzania. 
mountain gorilla population increases

Bird Watching in Queen Elizabeth

Bird watching at Queen Elizabeth national park is a key activity this as result of the ever blooming bird species at the park. Queen Elizabeth national parks is home to 600 bird’s species crowing it the greatest with in east Africa by parks. With is the parks location in the savanna and closer to the Congo forest, it gives visitors opportunity to view east African species and west African species equally.

Hot Air Balloon Safari Trips

Experience the wild of Uganda in another, special way (hot air balloon safari – Queen Elizabeth national park) . Wake up right on time to get the dawn, as you noiselessly fly over the fields of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Respect the groups of cape buffaloes, elephants and appreciate the quiet quietness of the African shrub. You now have the chance to include an energizing hot air balloon ride to your safari. 

How to get to queen Elizabeth park 

This amazing national park is situated in western Uganda in the and part of Kasese district, Bundibugyo and Bushenyi district. It covers proximately 1978km2 in size.  Driving from Kampala city to the park takes about 5-7 hours via the Kampala masaka, mbarara high way and later joining the dirt road that will see you at queen Elizabeth national park  about 420km drive. The park can also be accessible from fort portal   via  kasese Road.

Accessing the park from Bwindi.

When accessing queen Elizabeth national park from Bwindi, the journey is even much more scenic, as it will have you see Lake Edward and Lake George that are joined together by a rich water channel called Kazinga channel.  This is though the ishasha sector that is famous the tree climbing lions


The park has luxury accommodation that will favor all visitors. It also caters for the budget travelers.Mweya safari lodge and Jacana lodge have excellent services and Ishasha wilderness camp with lavishness accommodation.Budget accommodation includes Mweya hotels and Ishasha bandas with average standards that will make your stay memorable. The park also has camping sites such as Maramagambo,Ishasha and Mweya alternatively, one may take on the Hippo Hill Camp adjacent to Katwe along with Kingfisher camp on a beautiful Kichwamba escarpment. Kyambura Uganda safari wildlife is also establishing a luxury lodge that will surely meet your needs.

At Mweya there is an up market lodge, a campsite and budget hostel. Another up market lodge fringes a Crater Lake in Maramagambo Forest. A low-key camp is found in the Ishasha Sector.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Highlights

  • Setting for an extensive range of large mammals and primates
  • Boat Safaris on Kazinga channel available
  • Tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector
  • Chimpanzee tracking safaris
  • Excellent birding with 600 species recorded
  • Leopard sightings are common
  • The park is set against a backdrop of the Ruwenzori Mountains