Uganda Cultural Tours

If you are planning to go to Uganda for a visit do not forget to include Uganda cultural tours among your activities. What makes Uganda unique and different from any other African Safari destination is her spectacular natural scenery, the diverse wildlife including half the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population, and some of the friendliest people you could hope to encounter. Uganda’s cultural richness endears the country to tourists who get the opportunity to tour the diverse cultural tribes Uganda has.

Uganda’s population is aproximated to be around 27 million people who multiply at a rate of 2.5% per year with a variety of tribes, the majority (98%) being native Africans who fall into four major ethnic categories: Bantu, Nilotics, Nile-Hamites, and Hamites.

The bantu speaking people are surrounded by Lake Kyoga in the northern part of Uganda, these dominate the biggest part of East, Central and Southern Uganda with the Baganda occupying the biggest and central part of the country. The Bantu speaking people had a tradition of creating thier  own kingdoms; Buganda, Ankole , Bunyoro, Busoga, and Tooro. Before the British colonial rule, these kingdoms were organized political entities with Buganda having the most civilized and highly centralized monarchy. Buganda was borded by the Acholi (near Lake Kyoga) and the Langi (towards the Sudanese border) who speak Nilotic languages. Eastern Uganda is inhabited by the Iteso and Karamajong who are related to the Masai pastoralists of Kenya. The Batwa, a pygmy related tribe, live in the western rainforests stretching up to the Ituri forests of Congo.mju  n mo.

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